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Will Repellants Get a Squirrel out of the Chimney?

Once a Mobile squirrel has made its way into your chimney it is difficult to find a way to get it out. Individuals often try many different things quickly in hopes of achieving the goal of clearing the chimney. There is no reason to panic and resort to dangerous options when you find out there is a furry guest in your chimney. Take time to research your options and think through the problem thoroughly. Repellants are advertised as a quick fix to a problem that requires Alabama professional attention in many cases.

What is in a Repellant?
Repellants are made up of many different chemicals and can be more of a problem than a solution. They are usually ineffective, even in normal situations. The products advertised as repellents for Alabama squirrels have no evidence to prove their effectiveness. These mixtures often contain the pesticides present in mothballs, as well as coyote urine. Your chimney is used when you start a fire. Residual chemicals in your chimney could be a very dangerous situation the next time you light a fire.

Don't Make Things Worse
Even if repellants were able to keep Mobile squirrels out, this squirrel is already in the chimney. The squirrel most likely wants to get out, it needs to eat at some point. If the squirrel is stuck, it will be unable to escape in any situation. Making the Alabama squirrel more uncomfortable by spraying repellants is more likely to frighten it more, increasing the difficulty of removal. Save yourself the money and the trouble of repellants that are experimental, at best.

Professionals Exist for a Reason
It is true that nature activists strive to keep Alabama animals in these situations alive, and offer services aimed at these goals. However, there are many wildlife removal professionals for a reason. This reason has a lot to do with the fact that repellents do not work. Homeowners try them in vain, and end up having to hire a removal professional in the long run. Failing repellents sidetrack many individuals from properly preparing their home for wildlife prevention. Call for help, follow their directions and the problem will be taken care of properly with minimal ill effects. You might even learn something along the way about the Mobile wildlife in your area.

Unfortunately, you cannot expect to run to the store and come back with a magic solution to get a Mobile squirrel out of your chimney. This is one job that needs to be executed properly. The results of a professional job can save your chimney and even the animal most times. You may even be able to find some affordable and donated help through your local Alabama wildlife organization. Take a little time to make some appropriate phone calls before you make a rash decision.

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