Should I Ever Poison a Rat?

Do you have a problem with Mobile rats in your home? If so it is quite likely that you are looking for the perfect solution to get rid of these animals once and for all. No one wants rats crawling around in their home. They are deplorable Alabama critters that simply have to go.

But how does one accomplish this? That is a good question. There are many options out there and many people will likely be willing to advice you on how you can resolve this problem. Everyone has a solution it seems, but it just becomes a matter of whether you want to try the plans that they suggest.

One of the more common things you will hear to try are poisons. They are quick and permanent solutions that ensure that the Mobile rats are dead and not going to be much of a problem to you anymore. This seems like a logical idea, but before you run down to the home improvement store to buy a rat poison, let's give you some food for thought on why you might want to hold off on that idea. Poisons do seem like a quick and easy solution, but let's begin with the first major problem you face. When the rats eat the poison they do not die right away. It can take a few minutes to hours before they are done. So where do they go? Back into your walls or some other place that is not easy to access. Now you have dead, decaying Alabama rats in your walls. Sounds like a nightmare if you ask me.

You also have to ask yourself where you are going to put the poison. Most people put it on bait behind objects like the refrigerator, but can you make sure that your pet or child can't get to the poison. Keep in mind that if they eat any of this they will wind up just as dead as any Alabama rat. In fact, accidental poisoning is one of the chief causes of child death in America. It isn't just the bait where your child may find the poison. If they climb under your sink or dig in the garage they may find it as well. It may not take much to make your child quite sick.

Poisons seem like a great idea but there are so many variables that make it dangerous. If you decide that poison is the option, the place to begin is first capture the Mobile animal, then feed it the poison. This way you know that the Alabama rat is the only one who is going to ingest it.

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