Mobile Wildlife and Animal Removal

Finding a Lost Snake in Your House

If you have a pet snake, it could happen that the Mobile snake will escape his cage and go missing somewhere in the house. A scarier scenario is when you spot a snake in your house that is not a pet and you aren't sure where it went. In either case you will need to keep a cool head and use some tactics that will help you locate the Alabama snake and deal with it accordingly. The pet can be returned to its cage and the wild snake can be removed by you or by a wildlife removal expert and placed in an appropriate habitat.

Snakes like to move around during the night, and they typically move along the baseboards or around the walls. The first place where you should look is behind enclosures or near cabinets or bookcases. You may also check in the couches, chairs and kitchen appliances. You should also look inside any box you may have around as well as bags, shoes, boots or wastebaskets.

Use some sound traps around the home by laying out some plastic bags that make a crinkly sound from the grocery store. When you have finished, make sure that you turn off the light and wait with a flashlight. You will know where it is by hearing it pass over these plastic bags. Before you go to sleep, place cornstarch or flour in the doorway. The next morning, if the Alabama snake moved around in the doorway, you are going to see the trails that show where it went. Put its prey into a liter soda bottle and put it where the Mobile snake can get to it. The snake can enter into the bottle, eat the prey and then probably won't be able to move.

The majority of people will not be able to sleep at night if they are aware that there is a snake on the loose in the house, even if it is a pet Mobile snake. Therefore, as soon as you find out that your pet got loose or that there is a wild snake somewhere in the house, you will want to employ the above tactics to catch the snake and restore peace to your house. Just remember to remain calm and vigilant and you will soon be able to solve the mystery and put the Alabama snake back where it belongs.

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