How do Bats Communicate?

Like every other kind of animal, bats also have their way of communicating with one another. Most of the purpose that bats communicate for is centered around and the need to hunt for food or communication related to reproduction. They use are not the only reasons however.

A Mobile bats communication system is quite sophisticated. A lot more sophisticated than scientists and researchers thought at one point. For the longest time, scientists believe that bat simply communicated to the larger group as a whole, but that research has been completely debunked. Researchers are now finding that the specific calls that bats use are actually targeting a specific bat that they want to communicate with. This means that Alabama bats actually have a social system that allows them to communicate in a way that promotes relationship among one another.

The form of communication that bats use is called echolocation. This system allows bats to send out ultrasonic waves that are detected by other Alabama bats and processed and with sonar like mechanism within the bats hearing system. The fact that bats can distinguish certain calls that are intended just for them means that this form of hearing is a lot more sophisticated and researchers ever imagined. Bats are a lot further along in their evolution then we would've first thought. In addition to the echolocation system that bats use, bats also employ a very sophisticated pheromone releasing process that allows them to communicate with one another through the scents and odors that they give off. This can also be quite specific to a certain bat that another bat is wishing to communicate. The combination of the echolocation and the pheromones system is really opening researchers' eyes to how intelligent and far along the Mobile bats are along the evolutionary line.

It has been discovered that the specialized vocalization process that Mobile bats employ has such s sophisticated acoustic signature to it that a bat can now tell which bat is greeting it or trying to warn it away. Because of this bats are able to communicate with each other much in the same way that humans would greet individuals even in a large crowd. One that could be able to tell if another Alabama bat was directly speaking to it even if there were thousands of other bats are around. This is a much more sophisticated process than virtually all other animals outside of the humans in a small other group of primates.

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