Mobile Wildlife and Animal Removal

Will Mobile Animal Services Help with Wild Animal Removal?

In most cases –NO. If you are faced with a wild Mobile animal infestation, you are on your own. Your county or city offices will often have the name and number of organizations or professional that do offer these services. If you discover that you have an animal infestation, your first thought might be to handle it on your own. Before you decide to take the DIY solution, at least talk to local organizations to determine laws about relocating, trapping, or killing wild Alabama animals that are bothering you.

Remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse, so make sure you know all the regulations in your area. Make sure that you have accurately identified the Alabama animal that has moved into your home. This will determine your course of action. Do you wish to kill or relocate the animal? This has bearing on what tact you will take as well. Again make sure that your county /city laws allow your course of action. If you decide to kill the interlopers, what will you do with the bodies? If you live trap them where will you relocate them too? Sometimes you can cause the Mobile animal to relocate on its own accord.

Example, a mother Mobile raccoon will move her young if she smells the scent of a male ‘Coon. The males usually kill babies, so she won't want to stay in the same area as a male. Whether you kill, relocate, or run off the animals, make sure that you securely seal all openings and take preventative measures to assure it doesn't happen again. Even though your local government will not help with removal of wild animals, they are still a wealth of advice and information not only about laws and organizations, but about animals in the area in general. The will have resources to help you animal proof your home against the local fauna, and give you tips to stay safe while dealing with wild Alabama animals. Learning to co-exist with nature will allow you to enjoy animals in the wild without allowing them to move into your home. If they have ample food, water, and shelter, and your area is kept clean and unattractive to them, they won't look to move into your home.

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